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We give money to​ where it is needed!

By partnering with givers like you, Hope and Victory Christian Ministries funds orphanages, orphans, single widows in times of financial distress, pregnancy centers, feeding centers, housing for the homeless, ministries, ministers, missions, missionaries, bible distribution networks, furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ, and any other opportunity to serve others that the Lord brings before our eyes, hearts and spirits.

You give...

We give...

Lives changed!


100% of EVERY dollar goes out!

The word that the Lord gave us in founding this ministry was “Seed in the hand does nothing—it must be planted, in order to field a harvest!” Our Board of Directors takes our responsibility as stewards of the funds that God provides very seriously.  Each month, we send every dollar  into the mission field to ensure the “crop is planted” in order to reap a great harvest.

When you partner with our ministry, we immediately plant the “seed” (funds) that God has entrusted into very fertile ground — you have our commitment!

All administrative costs are paid for by our Board of Directors, ensuring that 100% of every dollar given by our partners— goes directly to the needs of those needing assistance.

Choose to make a difference.  ​Partner with us Today!

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